What’s all the hype about?

Poker is a game for players who like to gamble in style. Whilst the game can be quite intricate, once it is understood it generally then becomes the game of preference for most. You’ll notice that the Poker tables are generally less rowdy in casinos, as players focus on the game with great intensity and carefully read each other’s body language for any clues as to who might be winning.

One of the best ways to learn how to play Poker is to watch the YouTube videos of Phil Ivey playing with other Poker greats. The tension, seriousness and enthusiasm is so apparent in the faces of all the players sitting around the Poker table that it makes for an interesting viewing. Feelings of euphoria are evident on the faces of the winners and we feel their relief and excitement.

Poker has also been around for centuries and with time, has gained momentum and great popularity amongst casino goers and online competitors. Often the largest tournaments and the most famous gamblers all revolve around Poker. The game has also made many appearances in famous Hollywood movies and continues to be at the core of many literary works that discuss gambling as well as books on how to play the game that are more often than not written by famous Poker players themselves.